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How does the audio/video call work?

How does the video call work?

From now on you can make audio or video calls on happn, tapping on the phone or camera icon located on the upper right corner in the conversation tab.
In order to call another happner, you need to have a Crush with them.

You have to give happn access to your microphone and camera (for the video call).

On iOS: Settings > happn > Camera.

On Android: Settings > Apps & Notifications > happn > Permissions.

You can mute the microphone and turn off the video or turn the camera around.
However, it is not possible to keep exchanging messages or browse through the app while making a video call.
You have 1 (audio or video) call for every Crush, so take advantage of it now!

NB: the reason why you can only make one call with every Crush is the following: the happn experience is rooted in real life and our greatest wish is for you and your Crush to meet as soon as possible instead of spending time having virtual conversations!