Exercise your rights over your personal data



Request access to my data


To access your data, simply send an access request by email to [email protected] with an identity document. Happn will answer you within a month. You may also request the portability of your personal data in which case it will be necessary to indicate in your email the identity and address of the recipient's controller.



Request modification and rectification of my data


To exercise your right to modify or correct, simply go to your Profile and edit the sections “My Photos”, “Employment and Education (Position, Employer, School)” and “About Me”. To change your first name, age, or gender, go to your Facebook page and update the “About Us - General Information and Contact Information” section of your profile.




Request deletion of my data


You can delete your account directly from the application (click "My account", then "App settings", "My data" and "Delete my account") or request deletion of your account by writing to [email protected]. Your account will then be deleted from the application. However, your data will be kept in a separate database archive for one year before being permanently destroyed. This is to allow happn to meet its data retention obligations as an internet hosting provider under Clause 6 of the French law on confidence in the digital economy, dated 21 June 2004.


Rather than deletion, you can also request that the processing of your data be limited by writing to [email protected], if you meet the conditions stipulated by Clause 18 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Au lieu de demander la suppression de vos données vous pouvez demander la limitation de leur traitement à l’adresse [email protected], lorsque vous entrez dans les conditions de l’article 18 du Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données (RGPD).





Request opposition


You can oppose the processing of your personal data for purposes of which the legal basis is happn’s legitimate interest, as indicated in Clause 4 of our Privacy Policy, by sending an email to [email protected]. If you wish to stop receiving the happn newsletter, you can also do so by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.


If you wish to oppose the usage of your data for security purposes or prevention of illegal or unauthorized activities, happn may continue to use the data by justifying legitimate and compelling reasons.