Privacy basics by happn


What categories of data can be collected?

Public type

Public information on your profile (first name, age, photos, gender, profile description)

Private type

Private information on your profile (last name, birth date, email address, phone number)

Public type

Education and professional experience

Public type

Interests (personal preferences, friends in common, etc.)

Protected type

Messages exchanged

Public type

Locations where you crossed paths with other happners

Private type

Search preferences – the people you want to cross paths with

Private type


Private type

Your phone’s technical data (IP address, phone identification, operating system, version of the app, advertising profile, etc.)

How is your data used?

Delivering services and features in compliance with our terms of use

Improving and optimizing our services by learning how you use them

Offering relevant content and offers (marketing and advertising)

Complying with legal requirements

Preventing and fighting against illegal activities (violation of our terms of use)

Protecting your personal data